Welcome to Greenwater Images!

On this website I present all my underwater film & photography related work as well as reports of my recent diving trips.

My name is Patrick Pohlmann and I am currently living in Hamburg/Germany, not far away from the Baltic Sea with its greenish waters – hence the name! Of course I do not restrict myself to local temperate waters but I love diving in blue tropical seas as well. Which diver doesn´t?

My passion for diving and marine life started in 2013, when I conducted a six week internship at the Red Sea Environmental Centre in Dahab/Egypt. From the beginning, diving and photography (and a little later filming) went hand in hand for me. I started with small compact underwater cameras and then gradually upgraded to my current rig with DSLM and underwater housing.

My aim is to develop as a diver, underwater photographer and videographer and to share my passion for the world below the water surface. So if you like, follow my journey here on Greenwater Images!

Greenwater Images Patrick Pohlmann